Monday, August 22, 2016

The Man With Icy Eyes

Valdez is framed for murder in this 1971 Italian Film Noir movie filmed in Albuquerque. Lots of views of Downtown, Central Avenue, Old Town, St. Augustine Catholic Church at Isleta Pueblo, and the Albuquerque News. Victor Buono (Batman's King Tut) is in a supporting role. Never heard of this film before, but it's a real trip down Memory Lane.

Still Looking For Gabe's Aunt Roz

Posting this, because Gabriel's Aunt Roz has been missing for nearly a month, and despite a massive search by many volunteers, there are no clues.

"Better Call Saul Bash" Videos

Presentation of Gifts to Marq and Ed

Marq Tells A Story

"I Do Not Belong To You"

I took a brief hike into Albuquerque's Embudo Canyon on Friday (I hadn't been there since Feb. 1973), but sitting in the car at the trailhead parking lot, I was seized by an uncharacteristic claustrophobia. The couple in the car next to me were having a lover's quarrel, and the woman kept repeating to the guy, "You belong to me, but I do not belong to you." Creeped me out. I fled up the trail into the great outdoors.

Hastings Going Out of Business Sale

It's a debacle. Books for a song.

The Anti-Abortion Life

82-year-old Phil protests abortion outside Planned Parenthood of NM, tossing propaganda packets over the wall that was built to keep him, and others, off-site. A pregnancy alternatives center, and chapel, were set up nearby as well:

(FYI, I'm Pro-Choice, but I thought he looked odd up there, so posted. An Asian man in his 60's stopped to try and persuade him that it was too dangerous to be up there.)

Time Passes Fast in Burque

Let The Past Go

Albuquerque soldiers on. I stopped to get a BCS photo, but elderly fellow in an Explorer was trying to pick up a younger fellow in drag sitting on the sidewalk. "I can help you, but you need to help me," she responded. After haggling, no deal, so I went back and had a sweet conversation with her about the importance of diet and exercise and letting the past go.

Graced By "Traffic Conflict" Over Burque

Landing in Albuquerque was fun. The pilot did a low altitude tour of the city, but was forced to abort the approach and fly directly over the Sunport due to a "traffic conflict". Then we did the tour again at an even lower altitude!